Anonymous Retiree

“When a collections company was ruining my credit with an unverified claim that a bill wasn’t paid, Mr. Burkley stepped in and had the entire record cleaned up on my behalf.”

Anonymous Retiree

Other Testimonials

Self-storage customer whose property was scrapped by agents/employees of storage yard received fair market value of goods scrapped ($80,000.00) after filing of comprehensive complaint on customer’s behalf.

Anonymous Self-Storage Customer

Contractor fired from well-known artist’s tour and then treated as an at-will employee. We were able to recover, without the need for protracted litigation, a substantial portion of the monies due ($20,000.00).

Anonymous Contractor

“D. S. Burkley led a long and successful appeal of a [multi-million dollar] judgement rendered in favor of the City of Los Angeles, … which would have driven the family into financial ruin. Due to his diligent efforts, the judgement was eventually reduced to a manageable and fair $115,000. We are honored to testify to Mr. Burkley's excellent legal expertise which is matched by his outstanding responsibility for his Clients.” – Former UBS Managing Director (Mougins, France)

Former UBS Managing Director (Mougins, France)